70-483 question 2 discussion


You are developing an application in C#.
The application will display the temperature and the time at which the temperature was
recorded. You have the following method (line numbers are included for reference only):

You need to ensure that the message displayed in the lblMessage object shows the time
formatted according to the following requirements:
✑ The time must be formatted as hour:minute AM/PM, for example 2:00 PM.
✑ The date must be formatted as month/day/year, for example 04/21/2013.
✑ The temperature must be formatted to have two decimal places, for example 23-
Which code should you insert at line 04? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the
answer area.)

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If it is month/day/year, how is that the format in the answer puts the day first?


The best answer according to the choices is "{0:t}", "{0:d}" and "{1:N2}".


should the second part be {1:mm/dd/yy} ??