Director’s Profile

Dr. Ramon S. Yusuf
Director's Profile
Dr. Ramon-Yusuf holds the degrees of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Master of Science (Environmental Toxicology), Master of Business Administration(MBA) and Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD) in Environmental Toxicology and has received extensive specialized training in the areas  of Quality Assurance and Open Distance and E-learning in many parts of the world including the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), in Paris and the Institute for Socio-Cultural Studies (ISOS) of the University of Kassel, Witzenhausen, Germany where he participated in the University Staff Development(UNISTAFF) programme in 2002 and earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development.
He began his career as Assistant lecturer in the Department of Physiology & Pharmacology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria in 1987 and had a career change when he moved to the National Universities Commission, Abuja as Assistant Chief Academic Planning Officer and Programme Officer for Veterinary Medicine, in 1997.
In the course of his career in the Commission spanning a period of about 16 years, he has worked in virtually all the technical departments- Academic planning, (Academic Planning & Research) Quality Assurance, Inspection & Monitoring and Open and Distance Education. His work experience covers the entire gamut of the Commission’s mandate as he rose steadily through the ranks culminating in his promotion to the rank of Deputy Director  and Head, undergraduate Quality Assurance Division in the Department of Quality Assurance in 2005.

In the aftermath of the upgrading of the erstwhile ODL division to a full- fledged Department of Open and Distance Education by the  Board of the Commission on 26th July 2011, Dr. Ramon-Yusuf was appointed acting Director on 1st August 2011, a position he held until his appointment as substantive Director, Open and Distance Education on 24th October 2013. Dr. Ramon-Yusuf was appointed the Director of Research and Innovation on 29th October, 2014.


To be a catalyst for the delivery of quality research in the Nigerian University System (NUS) that will impact positively on national development.


To facilitate best practices in relevant, innovative and quality-driven research in the Nigerian University System (NUS) in partnership with other stakeholders to meet the needs of both national and global economies.

Mandate & Functions
  • Coordinating and Monitoring Universities’ Projects.
  • Sponsoring research in areas relevant to national development in Nigerian Universities.
  • Developing and monitoring research policy for the Nigerian University System (NUS) in line with national goals and needs.
  • Developing and implementing modalities for conducting periodic research assessment exercises in Nigerian Universities for funding purpose.
  • Collection and collation of timely and up-to-date data on Nigerian Universities for dissemination to the general public.
  • Identifying and facilitating innovations and best practices in teaching and learning in the Nigerian University System.
  • Fostering collaborations between government, industry, universities and other stakeholders in Higher Education.
  • Developing NUC capacity on innovative approaches to efficient and effective service delivery.
  • Develop a blue print of areas of intervention in the Nigerian University System for donor support.
  • Provide project management services in collaboration with donor agencies and partners for the NUC.
  • Coordinate national and international linkages/collaborations in higher education.
  • Coordinate NUS special projects on Research and Innovation.
  • Promoting the publication of books and journals in Nigerian Universities
  • Developing blueprints of areas of intervention for donor support for the promotion of research activities in the Nigerian University System

Directorate’s Divisions

Innovation and Research Collaboration Division

Division is headed by Dr (Mrs) Ogbonaya Orji (Deputy Director)


  • Knowledge acquisition Unit
  • Innovation management Unit
  • University-Industry Collaboration Unit
Research Planning and Administration Division

Division is headed by Pharm. Mohammed Audu (Deputy Director)


  1. Research Management Unit
  2. Research Publications Unit
  3. Conferences and Workshops Unit
Information and Communications Technology Division

Division is headed by Dr Joshua Atah (Deputy Director)


  1. Infrastructure & Equipment Unit
  2. Network Administration Unit
  3. ICT Services and Applications Unit
Learning Resources Division

Division is headed by Dr (Mrs) Ekenna (Chief Librarian)


  1. Physical Holdings Unit
  2. E-Resources Unit