MB2-712 question 9 discussion


You have a custom entity.
You need to add a date field that displays the date a user was hired.You must ensure that
the value in the field remains the same, regardless of the time zone in which the field is
What are two possible ways to configure the field? Each correct answer presents a
complete solution.

  • A. Set the Behavior to User Local.
  • B. Set the Format to Date Only,
  • C. Set the Behavior to Time-Zone Independent.
  • D. Set the Behavior to Date Only.
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Correct answer is B & C


C, D. check "Date and time field behavior and format" table on technet website.




B, C. Just try to create the field and check it's options. Date Only is a Format parameter.


Date Only is a Format paramete aswell as a Behavior. Seting the format only afects the display of the data there for it should be C,D