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Which two steps should you perform to install a local printer that connects directly to your
personal computer? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

  • A. Connect the printer to an available USB port and allow Windows to locate and install the appropriate driver.
  • B. Connect the Ethernet cable from your printer to the RJ45 connector on the personal computer and follow the Windows prompts.
  • C. Follow the manufacturer's directions by using the installation CD provided along with the printer.
  • D. Use the Add Network Printer feature from Control Panel.
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I am pretty sure the answer here is a,c, no matter what the people here say it is. You don't connect a computer directly to a device with network cables and network configuration. That would make the printer a network printer, not a local printer, where local means direct connection outside of network connections and cables. Therefore, you would not be using the Add Network Printer feature, as this answer currently claims you would, because the printer is not connected over Ethernet, but USB.


i agree with Bruxinth, correct answer should be a,c