Cisco 650-148

Cisco IronPort Sales Specialist – Email

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Exam Version: 6.0
Question No : 1 -

Most of the features on the M-Series management appliance are specifically for

  • A. ScanSafe customers
  • B. Email Security Customers
  • C. Web Security Customers

Answer : B

Question No : 2 -

When deciding which size appliance to recommend, which of the following should you take
into account?

  • A. Number of interfaces being deployed
  • B. Number of users
  • C. Number of sub-networks

Answer : B

Question No : 3 -

Email security appliances with RSA Data Loss Prevention

  • A. Regular Expressions
  • B. Smart Identifiers
  • C. Intelligent Classifiers
  • D. Weighted Dictionaries

Answer : A

Question No : 4 -

Which of the following is the most effective way to get customers to try a Cisco IronPort

  • A. Take them to see a reference customer who isn't busy
  • B. Give them a detailed explanation of how the product processes traffic
  • C. Give them a product demo of the user interface from your laptop
  • D. Give them the product presentation using PowerPoint

Answer : A

Question No : 5 -

What are the customers most likely to say about Virus Outbreak Filters?

  • A. It takes a lot of time to pay for itself, but should prove itself in the long run
  • B. As long as you manually retrieve new rules from the Threat Operations Center (TOC) every week, it cuts down on virus outbreaks
  • C. It blocks phone home traffic faster than any product on the market
  • D. It saves a lot of money right away, stopping viruses before signatures are available

Answer : D

Question No : 6 -

Which of the following is a benefit of Guaranteed Service Delivery?

  • A. Return Receipts
  • B. Convenience for senders
  • C. Convenience for receivers
  • D. Bounce verification

Answer : B

Question No : 7 -

When a recipient receives a message that was encrypted on the C-Series, how can they
read it?

  • A. Forward it as an attachment to their nearest Cisco IronPort reseller for decoding
  • B. Paste the message into the free CRES decoder service web page
  • C. Open the attachment and enter their personal password
  • D. Ask the sender for the private key they used during the encryption

Answer : C

Question No : 8 -

Which of the following is not a competitor with a hosted email filtering service?

  • A. Symantec/Message Labs
  • B. AOL/Time Warner
  • C. Google/Postini
  • D. Microsoft/FrontSridge

Answer : B

Question No : 9 -

VOF blocks threats faster than Anti-virus products because:

  • A. It scans attachments for embedded spam
  • B. It uses SenderBase data and statistics as an early warning system
  • C. the Threat Operations Center (TOC) tracks outbreaks reported by multiple vendors
  • D. It first executes the code in a sandbox

Answer : B

Reference: 120709.pdf)

Question No : 10 -

Multi-scan is associated with which of the following?

  • A. Anti-Spam Engine
  • B. Reputation Filtering
  • C. Anti-Virus Engine

Answer : C

Question No : 11 -

You want to know how soon the customer is likely to make a purchasing decision. Which of
the following questions would be the best to ask?

  • A. What products are you evaluating this year?
  • B. When does the contract on your current solution expire?
  • C. Do you usually finance your network security purchases?
  • D. How dissatisfied are you with your current solution?

Answer : D

Question No : 12 -

Your prospect says they aren't willing to make big changes to their networks to try a Cisco
IronPort solution. That's a problem because Cisco IronPort appliances can't be tested
unless they are the primary gateway or filter?

  • A. True for both ESA and WSA
  • B. False for both ESA and WSA
  • C. True for ESA but not WSA
  • D. True for WSA but not ESA

Answer : B

Question No : 13 -

Which of the following cloud based solutions offers outbound encryption?

  • A. Hybrid Hosted Services only
  • B. Both Hosted and Hybrid Hosted Services
  • C. Hosted Cloud Services only

Answer : B

Reference: http://exclusive-

Question No : 14 -

Which of the following can be used to block pornography?

  • A. IronPort Anti-Spam
  • B. Outbreak Filters
  • C. Image Analysis

Answer : C

Question No : 15 -

Which of the following Cisco IronPort subscription options offers the lowest per-year cost?

  • A. 5-year commitment
  • B. 3-year commitment
  • C. 1-year commitment

Answer : A

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Showing of 27 Questions
Exam Version: 6.0