Director’s Profile

Alh. Abdulahi Hamza
Director's Profile

Alh. Abdullahi Hamza, FCAI, MNIM, MANIE is the Director, Establishment of Private Universities of the National Universities Commission (NUC).He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A Hons) Public Administration, Second Class Lower and Masters in Public Administration (University Management) from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria .

Professionally, he is a Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) FNIM; Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC); Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration (FCAI); Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Member of the African Network for Internationalisation of Education (MANIE).

A groomed, trained and tested Administrator and university education regulator, Alh. Hamza rose through the ranks from Officer Grade II in the Nigerian National Universities Commission to the post of Director in January, 2016. He first served as the Director, NUC Lagos Liaison Office from January 2016 – May 2017 and is currently the Director,of one of the most important Directorates of the Commission, the Directorate for Establishment of Private Universities (DEPU).

To date Alh. Abdullahi Hamza has thirty-one (31) years cognate experience in University Management & Human Resources Management. Twenty-eight (28) out of the thirty-one years are spent with the National Universities Commission. Accordingly, twelve (12) out of his  twenty-eight years in NUC have been spent on Management positions as Asst. Director (2006 – 2009), Deputy Director, (2010 –2015) and Director January, 2016 –Date. He has been a Member, NUC Executive Management Committee since 2010. His twenty-eight years of meritorious, consecutive and consistent service to the Commission have also earned him written Commendations from all the past Executive Secretaries of the Commission on four (4) different occassions in 1996, 2002, 2003, and in 2014.

During this twenty-eight  year period in NUC, he diligently and meritoriuosly served as either Chairman, Member, Member/Secretary or Secretary, of well over twenty-seven (27) high powered Committees, Panels, Study Groups, Missions, Working Groups, Task Teams and Investigative Panels on various aspects of university management and university education regulation generally, within the NUC Secretariat and across the Nigerian University System.

Highlights of some of the major Commitees he had served on are: Presidential Commitee on establishing a Federal University in Akwa Ibom State (the present University of Uyo) May, 1991; Standing Committee on NUC Secretariat’s Movement to Abuja (SCOMA) Jan 1991 to July, 1992; Study Group on Brain-Drain in Nigerian Universities 1994; Administrative Audit Panel on the Crisis at University of Nigeria, Nsukka (June – August, 1995); Administrative Audit Panel on the crisis at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (a.k.a Mamman Kontagora Panel, Sept. – Nov. 1995); Ministerial Committee on Auditing of Honorary Degrees Awarded by Federal Universities, 2006; Fact-Finding Mission on the Leadership Crisis at the University of Maiduguri 2007; Presidential Visitation Panel on FUT Akure, 2011; Presidential (Special) Visitation Panel on University of Abuja 2012; 2nd Visitation Panel to Bowen University, Iwo in Osun State, 2016; Working Group on Internationalisation of Education in Nigeria 2010-2015; NUC Staff Information HandBook & Scheme of Service Review Committee 2007 – 2014 and the Standing Committee on Private Universities (SCOPU) 2010-2015. He is currently representing NUC as Member, Governing Board of the Centre for Management Development (CMD), Member, Governing Council of Achievers University, Owo, Ondo State.


To ensure a fair, thorough  and prompt evaluation of all applications towards the establishment of world-class private universities in Nigeria.


To be the Commission’s pragmatic and result-oriented structure for meticulous response to all applications for establishment of Private Universities in Nigeria.

Mandate & Functions
  1. To consider applications received by the Commission from individuals and organization for the establishment of private universities;
  2. To evaluate the applications received, review the draft strategic documents submitted and conduct Site Assessment Visits to proposed private university campuses in line with the guidelines and report on same to the Executive Secretary;
  3. To prepare detailed Final Recommendation Report to the NUC Management Committee for approval & licencing of a proposed private university; and
  4. To maintain a database on all applications for the establishment of private universities in Nigeria;

Directorate’s Divisions

Academic Matters Division

Division is headed by Malam Aminu Abba (Deputy Director)


  1. Examination and analysis of the academic plans of the Proposed Private Universities as contained in the Draft Academic Brief Vol. I;
  2. Examination and analysis of the course structure and course synopsis of the Proposed Private Universities as contained in the Draft Academic Brief Vol. II;
  3. Ensuring that the contents of the Academic Brief and other academic arrangements of the Proposed Private Universities are in consonance with NUC Guidelines and Regulations;

Handling any other matter pertaining to the orderly academic growth and development of the Proposed Private Universities.


  1. Academic Brief Analysis Unit
  2. Course Structure & Synopsis Analysis Unit
Masterplan & Infrastructure Division

Division is Headed by Mr Mustapha Rasheed (Deputy Director)


  1. Examination and analysis of the Draft Master plan and the associated reports of the Proposed Private Universities;
  2. Ensuring that the contents of the Draft Master Plan and other physical campus development plans are in consonance with NUC Guidelines & regulations on physical campus development;
  3. Assessing the physical facilities and infrastructure on campus of the Proposed Private Universities and advice on their adequacy or otherwise;
  4. Handling any other campus planning matter in the processing of applications for establishment of Private Universities.


  1. Masterplan Analysis Unit
  2. physical Facilities Unit
Governance & Legal Matters Division

Acting Head of Division is Barrister (Mrs) Umma Kaltume Amu


  1. Examination and review of the Draft University Law of the Proposed Private Universities;
  2. Ensuring synchrony between the provisions of the University Law and that of the Academic Brief Vol. I on matters of Governance arrangements of the Proposed Private Universities;
  3. Studying and advising on the statutorily required legal documents, (Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Incorporation of the Proprietor, Deed of Assignment, Deed of Transfer etc) submitted by the Proposed Private Universities;
  4. Liaising with the Department of State Securities (DSS) on the security clearance of the Board of Trustees (BOT) members of the Proposed Private Universities;
  5. Interpretation and advising on the provisions of the enabling Act E3 LFN 2004 for guidance and compliance.


  1. University Law Analysis Unit
  2. University Governance Unit