Director’s Profile


To sustain learning environment in Nigerian Universities conducive, attractive, and globally competitive


To co-ordinate and monitor physical development in Nigerian Universities to ensure well- planned integrated physical environment conducive for teaching-learning, research, and community development

Mandate & Functions

The Department is mandated to carry out the following function as stated below:

  1. Periodic review and advise on Nigerian Universities’ Master Plans campus planning, development control.
  2. Advise on Universities projects costs based on comparative cost analysis.
  3. Ensuring that physical facilities/infrastructure in Federal universities conform to the provisions of their Master Plans and the standard building codes, as espoused in the National Universities Commission’s guidelines and the National Building Codes.
  4. Regular evaluation of Federal Universities project designs and appraisal of infrastructural development in Nigerian universities vis-à-vis the associated cash-flow.
  5. Quarterly monitoring of facilities/infrastructural development in the federal universities/and Inter-Universities Centres.
  6. Co-ordination of the University’s Central Resident Due Process activities and liaising with the Due Process Office of the Presidency (Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit) and other relevant Government Agencies on universities capital projects development.
  7. Preparation and review of National Universities Commission’s Standards Guide manuals for physical development and maintenance of facilities/ infrastructure in Nigerian Universities.
  8. Maintenance of data base on Geographic Information Systems, Space Inventory Records and Condition Survey of buildings and infrastructure in Nigerian Universities.
  9. Provision of instruments for institutional accreditation in terms of assessment parameter of the quality and conduciveness of their physical environment to learning.
  10. Monitoring of the management and utilization of university lands.
  11. Identification of suitable sites for proposed projects, in Federal universities.
  12. Representation at Universities Capital Projects Implementation Task Forces in the Federal Universities and Inter-universities Centres.
  13. Representation at Universities Council Tenders Board Committees.
  14. Assessment of damages due to disasters such as fire, rain storm, erosion etc, in Federal Universities.
  15. General maintenance of existing infrastructural and physical facilities in the National Universities Commission.
  16. Management of NUC physical assets.
  17. Advising State and Private Universities on matters relating to development, of their university campus, on request.
  18. Assessment of Engineering design proposal in Nigerian Universities to ensure compliance with approved minimum standards.
  19. Enforcement of laid down Engineering standards and regulation while out engineering projects in Nigerian University System.

Departmental Divisions

Campus Planning Division

The principal activities of the division include the processing and payment of all approved and dully processed vouchers made by the Commission through e-payment mandates, preparation and payment of monthly staff salaries, processing and payment of all statutory deductions, banking transactions, maintenance of adequate records of pensioners and computation of individual staff pension contributions, liaison with PENCOM and other relevant bodies on Pension matters; custody and management of project funds.

The Treasury Division is made up of four sections: Payroll, E-payment, Pension and Taxes and the Cash Office. The sections are supervised and coordinated by the Head of Division.

The division has twenty-one (21) officers made up of 16 regular staff, four (4) youth corpers and one (1) I.T.

Payroll Section

The Payroll Section of the Treasury Division is basically responsible for among other things, the preparation and payment of monthly staff salaries and retirees’ pensions and remittance of statutory deductions to the appropriate authorities.

E-Payment Section

The e-payment section is responsible for the processing of e-payment mandates for all processed payment vouchers. This section serves as the engine room of the Department, as far as payments are concerned. There are four units in the different divisions of the department which prepare payment vouchers. All such duly processed payment vouchers end up in this office regardless of their source, for ultimate payments to the banks.

Cash Office

Despite the inception of e-Payment regime in January, 2009, a development which down played the handling of cash and dealt away with cheques, the cash office continued to play a significant role in the Treasury functions.

The office is responsible for coordinating audit verification of prepared e-Payment mandates, payment of such mandates into the relevant banks, follow-up of non-payment of mandates with banks and collection of bank statements as well as a number of other banking transactions as assigned. The unit has also retained its transitional functions of receipts of payments, issuance of official receipts and bank lodgments.

Pension and Taxes Section

This Section is responsible for Pension matters, tax issues and National Housing Fund (NHF) staff contributions. It liaises with the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation, Budget Office, PENCOM, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and other relevant agencies in the discharge of its responsibilities. Moreover, it is the main contact point to the universities on pension and related matters.

Facilities and Infrastructures Division
Engineering Division
Capital Assets and Maintenance Division
Geographic and Information Systems Division