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Mr Sam Onazi
Director's profile

Mr. Sam Mercel ONAZI, studied Accounting at Ahmadu Bello University, won the coveted Coopers & Lybrand (Chartered Accountants) Prize for the Best Graduating Student in Auditing and Investigation (1987). He later attended the Post Graduate Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos. He is a professional accountant; a Fellow of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), and also Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN).


To be a preeminent financial services department for the accomplishment of the Commission’s mandates and set standard by which universities and other institutions measure excellent service delivery.


To provide sound financial management counsel to the Commission and quality services by implementing financial policies and procedures consistent with extant laws and generally accepted accounting standards with a professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and respectful department staff.

Mandate & Functions

The main functions of the Department are:-

  • Participating at Universities System Annual Review Meetings conducted by the Commission to assess performance and determine the financial needs both recurrent and capital in a budget year of Nigerian Universities and inter-university centres.
  • Collating the various estimates of Federal Universities/Centres and submitting same to the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Finance and the national Planning Commission for Recurrent and Capital grants.
  • Preparing the Commission’s Secretariat annual operating budget.
  • Defending the budgets of the Federal Universities/Centres and that of the Secretariat at various levels with the Federal Government.
  • Receiving block grants from the Federal Government of Nigeria and other bodies outside Nigeria (including external aids) on behalf of the universities and disbursing the funds to the universities according to agreement and approved guidelines.
  • Managing the National Universities Commission’s fund in accordance with section 8(1) of the Decree No 1. Of 1974 enacting the Commission.
  • The commission is empowered to apply the proceed of the funds:-
    • To the cost of administration of the Commission
    • To the re-imbursement of members of any committee set up by the Commission for such expenses incurred by them and approved by the Federal Executive Council.
    • To the payment of salaries, fees and other remuneration.
    • For the maintenance of properties owned by the Commission
  • Monitoring of budget performance of universities with respect to recurrent and capital expenditures and internally generated revenue.
  • Ensuring that adequate and accurate financial records are maintained for all local and foreign transactions for the Commission and Nigerian Federal Universities.
  •  Assisting Federal Universities to maintain uniform accounting system to enhance consolidation, transparency and accountability.
  • Preparing the Final Accounts of the Commission and causing same to be audited annually.
  • Liaising with both internal and External Auditors for regular checking of the accounts of the Commission.

Departmental Divisions

Treasury Division

The principal activities of the division include the processing and payment of all approved and dully processed vouchers made by the Commission through e-payment mandates, preparation and payment of monthly staff salaries, processing and payment of all statutory deductions, banking transactions, maintenance of adequate records of pensioners and computation of individual staff pension contributions, liaison with PENCOM and other relevant bodies on Pension matters; custody and management of project funds.

The Treasury Division is made up of four sections: Payroll, E-payment, Pension and Taxes and the Cash Office. The sections are supervised and coordinated by the Head of Division.

The division has twenty-one (21) officers made up of 16 regular staff, four (4) youth corpers and one (1) I.T.

Payroll Section

The Payroll Section of the Treasury Division is basically responsible for among other things, the preparation and payment of monthly staff salaries and retirees’ pensions and remittance of statutory deductions to the appropriate authorities.

E-Payment Section

The e-payment section is responsible for the processing of e-payment mandates for all processed payment vouchers. This section serves as the engine room of the Department, as far as payments are concerned. There are four units in the different divisions of the department which prepare payment vouchers. All such duly processed payment vouchers end up in this office regardless of their source, for ultimate payments to the banks.

Cash Office

Despite the inception of e-Payment regime in January, 2009, a development which down played the handling of cash and dealt away with cheques, the cash office continued to play a significant role in the Treasury functions.

The office is responsible for coordinating audit verification of prepared e-Payment mandates, payment of such mandates into the relevant banks, follow-up of non-payment of mandates with banks and collection of bank statements as well as a number of other banking transactions as assigned. The unit has also retained its transitional functions of receipts of payments, issuance of official receipts and bank lodgments.

Pension and Taxes Section

This Section is responsible for Pension matters, tax issues and National Housing Fund (NHF) staff contributions. It liaises with the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation, Budget Office, PENCOM, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and other relevant agencies in the discharge of its responsibilities. Moreover, it is the main contact point to the universities on pension and related matters.

Budget Division

The Budget Division is responsible for the collation, preparation, control and monitoring activities of the Federal Universities/Inter-University Centres and NUC Secretariat. There are three units under the Division namely: Budget Unit, Expenditure Control Unit and Loans and Advance Unit. The Division has sixteen (16) regular staff, eight (8) corpers and one (1) I.T.

Functions of Budget Division

The Division is charged with the following functions and responsibilities:

  • Preparation of National Universities Commission Secretariat Budget
  • Monitoring, Collating and Coordinating of Universities/Inter-University Centres.
  • Liaison with the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation for Evaluation of the Annual Performance of Report of the Universities/Inter-University Centres and Secretariat Budget.
  • Inspection of Capital Projects and Internally Generated Revenue of the Federal Universities/Inter-University Centres.
  • Preparation of Monthly Report on Department Vote Book and Expenditure Account (DVEA) for both Central and Departmental Vote Heads.
  • Processing and Payment of Staff Loans/Advances and Preparation of Approved Expenditures for Payment.
  • Coordinating the Level of Implementation Status with the Federal Ministry of Education.
  • Maintenance of Vote Books
  • Preparation of Secretariat Recurrent Budget


Final Accounts Division

Final Accounts Division is one of the three divisions of the Department of Finance and Accounts. The Division is made up of four (4) sections namely:

  • Secretariat Accounts
  • Fixed Assets/Project Expenditure
  • External Accounts/Report
  • Store

The Division is headed and coordinated by a Deputy Director and each of the Sections is overseen and coordinated by the Sectional Heads. The Division is responsible for the following:

  • The control and processing of Universities local and overseas expenditures.
  • Maintenance of adequate Financial Records and Accounts for Universities and NUC Secretariat for both local and external transactions.
  • Reconciliation and preparation of the Final Accounts of the Commission.
  • Management of the Commission’s fixed Assets.
  • Control of the Stores.
  • Expenditure control and payments in respect of Special and Project Accounts.
  • Management of the Commission’s Accounting System and the sage line 500 Accounting package.
  • Liaising with Statutory/Regulatory Agencies including FIRS, Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, Office of the Auditor General of the Federation, Public Accounts Committees, and External Auditors etc.

The Division is serviced by twenty-two (22) staff, six (6) NYSC members and one (1) IT Student.

Activities of Each Section of the Division

Head of Division Section

The office is serviced by two staff and one NYSC member and headed by the Deputy Director who oversees all activities of the division.

Secretariat Accounts Section

The Section has five staff and two NYSC members and headed by a Chief Finance Officer. The Section maintains all Cash Books and reconciliation of the Commission’s Secretariat Accounting activities manually and electronically. The Section maintains seven (7) different accounts of the Commission.

Fixed Assets/Project Expenditure Section

This section has five staff and three NYSC members and is headed by an Assistant Chief Finance Officer who oversees and coordinates the activities. All the Special and Project accounts of the Commission are maintained and reconciled by the Section. The section maintains and updates the Fixed Assets Schedule of the Commission.

External Accounts/Report Section

The Section is serviced by three staff, one (1) NYSC member and one (1) IT Student. The Section is headed by an Assistant Chief Finance Officer who oversees the activities. All the Accounting books relating to external transactions are maintained by the Section. The Section is mainly responsible for the computerized accounting system – the Sage line 500, and financial reports.

Store Section

The Section has six (6) staff and is headed by an Assistant Chief Executive Officer who supervises all the activities.

They are involved in the preparation of Store Receipt Voucher (SRV), Stock Ledgers, Stock Cards, Bin Cards and uploading of data into the sage line 500.The section issues stock after inspection and receipts.