CAS-002 question 84 discussion


A company is deploying a new iSCSI-based SAN. The requirements are as follows:
✑ SAN nodes must authenticate each other.
✑ Shared keys must NOT be used.
✑ Do NOT use encryption in order to gain performance.
Which of the following design specifications meet all the requirements? (Select TWO).

  • A. Targets use CHAP authentication
  • B. IPSec using AH with PKI certificates for authentication
  • C. Fiber channel should be used with AES
  • D. Initiators and targets use CHAP authentication
  • E. Fiber channel over Ethernet should be used
  • F. IPSec using AH with PSK authentication and 3DES
  • G. Targets have SCSI IDs for authentication
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I don't understand. I thought IPsec provides encryption, thus making B the wrong choice?