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DHCPv6 can obtain configuration parameters from a server through rapid two-way
message exchange. Which two steps are involved in this process? (Choose Two)

  • A. solicit
  • B. advertise
  • C. request
  • D. auth
  • E. reply
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Icorrect - should be A, E for two way message FROM - https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/ipv6/configuration/15-2mt/ipv6-15-2mt-book/ip6-dhcp.html The DHCPv6 client can obtain configuration parameters from a server either through a rapid two-message exchange (solicit, reply) or through a normal four-message exchange (solicit, advertise, request, reply). By default, the four-message exchange is used. When the rapid-commit option is enabled by both client and server, the two-message exchange is used.


Incorrect. agree with comments below. it should be A and E. When a server has 1Pv6 addresses and other configuration information committed to a client, the client and server may be able to complete the exchange using only two messages, instead of four messages as described in the next section. In this case, the client sends a Solicit message to the AII_DHCP_Relay_Agents_and_Servers requesting the assignment of addresses and other configuration information. The server that is willing to commit the assignment of addresses to the client immediately responds with a Reply message.