BCBA question 29 discussion


To change the occurrence of hitting others, two procedures were compareD. differential
reinforcement of incompatible behavior and time-out. The outcomes were examined within
and across subjects. A withdrawal design was employed. An independent variable in this
study was:

  • A. aggression.
  • B. frequency across phase changes.
  • C. return to baseline.
  • D. time-out from reinforcement.
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can somebody explain why "timeout from reinforcement " is an independent variable?


An independent variable is the variable that you are manipulating in order to cause the behavior change. If you notice, the question asks for AN independent variable (meaning 1 variable, since this example has 2 independent variables). In this case, the 2 variables that you are manipulating are the time out procedure and the differential reinforcement procedure. Since time out was the only 1 of the 2 in the answers, that makes time out the correct answer.