220-901 question 56 discussion


Joe, a customer, requests that the desktop system he is buying is able to be used at his
vacation home in another country, as well as his regular home. The technician is aware
that the country mentioned has different power requirements. Which of the following should
the technician ensure the desktop contains?

  • A. Dual voltage options
  • B. UPS
  • C. Inverter
  • D. Micro-ATX connector
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Can anyone explain this one?


In the case of going to another country, they may have different voltage requirements. As stated in the question, "the technician is aware that the country" has "different power requirements." The technician would require dual voltage options, in order to use the requested "desktop system" in a different environment. In other words, if the voltage is not compatible w/ the device - then the device won't function. For the other answers: A Micro-ATX connector is just any connector for this for this form factor, on the motherboard. The inverter(converts DC->AC) is similar to an adapter(converts AC->DC). The UPS(uninterruptible power supply) is used as a backup power supply, once the primary power source is terminated.