100-105 question 79 discussion


Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. This is a default route.
  • B. Adding the subnet mask is optional for the ip route command.
  • C. This will allow any host on the network to reach all known destinations beyond RouterA.
  • D. This command is incorrect, it needs to specify the interface, such as s0/0/0 rather than an IP address.
  • E. The same command needs to be entered on RouterA so that hosts on the network can reach network
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When configuring, after the , you can also use an interface. In this exhibit, RouterA is part of network .




A is absolutely right; B is absolutely wrong; C is unclear, because it depends if Router A is configured correctly, so i didn't choose that answer; D is wrong, because s0/0/0 is the interface of router A, on Router B you must configure it's own interface, which is not given; E is wrong because next hop must be