NS0-157 question 8 discussion


A customer has a 4-node cluster. Two nodes have FlashCache and the other two nodes
have Flash Pools. The customer is interested in deploying and OLTP application with a
workload that consists of an extreme number of small random writes on four LUNs spread
across four volumes.
What should the customer do to improve performance for the OLTP application?

  • A. Place all volumes for the application on the nodes with Flash Pools.
  • B. Deploy all volumes for the application on the two nodes with the FlashCache installed.
  • C. Split the volumes between the two nodes with FlashCache and two of the nodes with Flash Pools.
  • D. Place the volume with the highest read load on the Flash Pool nodes and place the other volumes on the FlashCache nodes.
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For me A or B, FlashCache is only for caching reads.


I completely agree, is talking about small random writes, in FlashCache you can't write! For me its A