220-902 question 91 discussion


A technician has just upgraded RAM on a users workstation from 4GB to 8GB. The
technician now wants to adjust the page file size on the system to the recommended
Microsoft settings. Which of the following should be entered for the Min portion of the
page file setting if using these best practices?

  • A. 4096MB
  • B. 8192MB
  • C. 12288MB
  • D. 16328MB
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what's the explanation here?


A best practice is to take what you need and half as much to what you need. Since you need 8GB which is 8192MB take half of that and add it on so half of 8192 is 4096. 8192 + 4096 is 12288MB


it is recommended that the page file size is 1.5x the size of available RAM