98-361 question 107 discussion


You are creating an application that accepts input and displays a response to the user. You
cannot create a graphical interface for this application.
Which type of application should you create?

  • A. Windows Forms
  • B. Windows Service
  • C. Web-based
  • D. Console-based
Created 3 months, 3 weeks ago by kalo


The correct answer is D. Because a Web-based application can sill have a GUI but a Console-based application doesn't permit a GUI.


Correct answer is D. Console-based. The console application has text-based UI. It can not have Graphical User Interface(GUI). Web based application(Web Form, MVC) and Window Form have GUI.


C is correct answer in my opinion. The question told the you've to DISPLAY the response without creating a GUI, so it could be displayed in the browser by using Web based App.