MB2-712 question 8 discussion


A user named User1 is the owner of a background workflow that makes changes to an
account after the Credit Limit field of the account is modified.
A user named User2 adds a new account and saves the record.
A user named User3 edits the record and changes the street address of the account.
A user named User4 edits the record and adds a parent account.
User2 changes the value in the Credit Limit field and assigns the account to User4.
You need to identify which name will be displayed in the Last Modified By Field on the
account record.
Which name should you identify?

  • A. User3
  • B. User1
  • C. User2
  • D. User4
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So assigning the record to User4 does not update the Last Modified By Field?


It did but the workflow executes after every modification.


The workflow runs only after the Credit Limit field of the account is modified NOT after every modification. The answer is B because (unlike real-time workflows) background workflows can only run as the user who owns the workflow. In this case user 1.