Cisco 642-974

Data Center Network Infrastructure Support – 2

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Exam Version: 6.2
Question No : 1 -

A customer site is set up as follows:
Aggregation-layer Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
Redundant supervisors
The customer is deploying a new version of Cisco lOS.
Which supervisor redundancy mode or modes will allow an older version of Cisco lOS to be
maintained on a standby supervisor?

  • A. RPR only
  • B. SSOonly
  • C. RPRandSSO
  • D. RPRandRPR+

Answer : A

Question No : 2 -

Which negotiation is initiated by setting an EtherChannel mode to auto on an interface?

  • A. to create an EtherChannel
  • B. to create an EtherChannel only if an LACP is received
  • C. to create an EtherChannel only if a PAgP packet is received
  • D. to place the interface in an EtherChannel if the connected interface is also in auto mode

Answer : C

Question No : 3 -

In the Cisco Nexus 7010 architecture, In-Service Software Upgrades are enabled by which
of the following components or features?

  • A. kickstart image
  • B. rapid switchover
  • C. automated configuration
  • D. plug-in based services and features

Answer : D

Question No : 4 -

What will be upgraded as a result of this command?
Upgrade ftp://ftpuser@ .pkg

  • A. recovery partition
  • B. application partition
  • C. both application and recovery partitions immediately
  • D. both application and recovery partitions at the next scheduled automatic IDSM update

Answer : A

Question No : 5 -

How does the Ethernet Host Virtualizer accomplish multiple active uplinks and loop
prevention in a Cisco Nexus 5000 Switch?

  • A. by implementing PVST
  • B. by PortChanneling uplink ports
  • C. by pinning MAC addresses to specific ports
  • D. by tying a server interface to a border interface in the switching fabric

Answer : C

Question No : 6 -

Which of the following is a benefit of VOQs in the Cisco Nexus platform?

  • A. Avoid congestion.
  • B. Prioritize traffic as it is transmitted on egress interfaces.
  • C. Provide no-drop service across fabric for future FCoE interfaces.
  • D. Ensure fair access to the transmission media across physical interfaces.

Answer : C

Question No : 7 -

Which two features might be used during an ISSU? (Choose two.)

  • A. Stateful Switchover
  • B. Nonstop Forwarding
  • C. virtual device contexts
  • D. Fibre Channel over Ethernet
  • E. Connectivity Management Processor

Answer : A,B

Question No : 8 -

Which component of the Cisco Nexus 7010 architecture provides out-of-band
management, an always-on microprocessor for disaster recovery, and remote restart

  • A. central arbiter
  • B. Supervisor Engine
  • C. dedicated service modules
  • D. Connectivity Management Processor

Answer : D

Question No : 9 -

What are two advantages of XML-based configuration over SNMP? (Choose two.)

  • A. higher scalability
  • B. wider MIB support
  • C. connectionless services
  • D. confidentiality and Integrity
  • E. ability to configure entire set of CLI commands

Answer : A,E

Question No : 10 -

What can a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch administrator do per VDC to provide OOB

  • A. allocate separate VLANs and VRFs per VDC
  • B. use 802.1Q trunking and provide a separate VLAN per VDC
  • C. use different OOB management ports for the different VDCs
  • D. use the same VLAN and subnet for all VDCs, with different IP addresses

Answer : D

Question No : 11 -

How many paths can be considered in NX-OS for equal-cost multipathing?

  • A. 4
  • B. 8
  • C. 12
  • D. 16

Answer : D

Question No : 12 -

What is the effect of executing the command intrusion-detection module 5 management-
port access-vlan 10 on an IDSM?

  • A. allows the IDSM to be managed by devices in VLAN 10
  • B. configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in in-line mode
  • C. allows the IDSM to perform blocking actions on devices in VLAN 10
  • D. configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in promiscuous mode

Answer : A

Question No : 13 -

The IDSM management-interface IP address can be configured from which prompt?

  • A. IDSM(config)#
  • B. lDSM(config-hos-net)#
  • C. IDSM(config-mgmt)#
  • D. IDSM(config-if)#

Answer : B

Question No : 14 -

The Graceful Restart feature allows routers to perform which function?

  • A. perform a more rapid reboot
  • B. initialize the standby supervisor transparently
  • C. remain in the data forwarding path through a process restart
  • D. maintain management connections through a supervisor switchover

Answer : C

Question No : 15 -

Which Cisco Nexus 7010 security feature is most effective at mitigating spoofing attacks?

  • A. uRPF
  • B. IDSM-2
  • C. DHCP snooping
  • D. disabling IP redirects

Answer : A

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Exam Version: 6.2